Wholesale Community Service

When people think of “community service“, they think of coaching youth sports, serving food to the homeless or VOLUNTEERING in one capacity or another. No one EVER thinks of INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE as a community service endeavor, but you should. Wholesale Community Service is what we call it when we buy distressed properties and turn them into investments.

Throughout the United States, there are neighborhoods in various levels of deterioration and disrepair. Some neighborhoods are so run down that municipalities are GIVING houses away!

What’s even more fascinating is that this isn’t a new problem. In fact, community leaders in cities and states throughout the nation actually have task forces and initiatives to promote the buying and rehabbing of these dilapidated properties.

Vacant homes can evolve into havens for rodents or criminal activity, which will only get worse if no one does anything to change it. An entire neighborhood can suffer from just one neglected property – which will eventually lead to more abandoned homes and subsequent decline.

Wholesale Community Service HERO.

Neighborhoods throughout the nation need individuals like us to buy and repair the dilapidated homes that litter them. The people living in these neighborhoods will thank you profusely and may even throw you a parade (Though we’ve never seen that before, there’s a first for everything).

Buying vacant and neglected properties and rehabbing them is a rewarding endeavor in more ways than one. Bigger than the parades, thank yous and community picnics (we’ve never seen anyone throw a community picnic for a rehabber either), by becoming a neighborhood hero you stand to net about 30% PROFIT!

So, if you’ve been thinking of getting involved in real estate investing through rehab and flip, or you’re a seasoned REI, instead of telling people you’re a “real estate investor“, be honest with them, and tell them that you’re a “neighborhood rehabilitator”.

Thank you for your service.

BTGH specializes in wholesale property investments in the Tampa Bay area. While we’re not selling anything for a dollar, the upside is that the houses we sell are in good neighborhoods and are ready for rehabbing and sometimes even move-in ready. We do all of the hard work so that you can focus on what you like to do.

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