Real Estate Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough

In the gemstone industry, there is a process to creating a ring, necklace or bracelet. That process begins first with gem miners who must dig underground for “rough” stones that will then be sold in markets visited by brokers and “cutters”. The rough stone brokers buy “gem rough” in bulk and then sell to cutters worldwide. The cutters buy the rough stones and cut and polish them into works of art. From there, a gem broker or wholesaler sells them to jewelery designers and retailers who set them and sell them.

The investment real estate industry operates in a similar manner.

Master Diamond Cutter

The gem cutter is the most respected of all the jewelry professionals, as he is the artist that takes the rough material and turns it into a focal piece. Investment property rehabbers are very similar, in that they are the artists that take rough real estate and rework it into something a home buyer can appreciate.

Cutting & Polishing Real Estate

Up the line from the rehabbers is Bay To Gulf Holdings (BTGH). We are the miners of rough Tampa Bay real estate. We look for the stuff that most people ignore. We look for potential.

From auctions to bank sales to private sellers, we buy houses, condos and multiplexes that no one else wants to touch. Then we trash them out – sometimes gut them – and prep them for investors who will rehab and polish them, making them ready for a tenant or renter.

We’re the rough gem brokers. You’re the polisher. If you’re a Tampa Bay real estate investor looking for diamonds in the rough – we have them.

Let’s work together to create something beautiful.

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