Tampa Real Estate Investments Are a Smart Choice in 2021

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If you’re looking to capitalize on historically low-interest rates by buying Florida investment properties, 2021 is a great year to make a Tampa real estate investment. Tampa real estate continues to be one of the hot real estate markets in Florida. Even after the market dropped in mid-2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tampa real estate market roared back by late 2020, and realtors forecast it will experience sales growth of 8.7% in 2021.

If you’re looking for investment properties in Tampa, Florida, the competition will be fierce in 2021. Fortunately, Tampa-based Rehab and Flip has an inside track on the best cheap houses for sale in Tampa, Florida. Below are key reasons why savvy investors should consider a Tampa real estate investment in 2021.

Top Tampa Real Estate Investment Trends for 2021

Airbnb and vacation rentals: Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of the more profitable spots in the country to own a short-term vacation rental property. Florida’s short-term rental market—which generated over $28 billion in 2019—is rebounding quickly after suffering a blow in mid-2020 from the coronavirus crisis. Florida offers among the most-friendly short-term rental laws in the country, making investing in rental condos or homes a safe bet.

Multi-family homes to meet growing housing demand: In 2021, the Tampa, Florida, real estate market is experiencing low inventories due to population growth, which the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council expects to grow by about 3.3% annually through 2024. Freddie Mac ranks Tampa as one of the best markets for multi-family property investment, with vacancy rates averaging a low 5%. Investors can get an alert through Rehab and Flip when multi-family homes for sale in Tampa, Florida, become available.

Low-interest rates and rising prices: Realtors expect interest rates to remain near record lows in 2021, which helps offset the increase in Florida real estate prices. Low interest rates have set off a Florida real estate gold rush, paving the way for a thriving seller’s market in 2021 and making it difficult for investors to find good deals without guidance. Investors who work with Rehab and Flip will find cheap investment properties for sale before they hit the market.

Should You Make a Tampa Real Estate Investment in 2021?

Tampa real estate has long been a solid investment because:

  • It’s the third-fastest-growing city in Florida and the ninth-fastest-growing city in the United States
  • The cost of living in Tampa is 8% below the national average, and the Tampa unemployment rate was 2.9% in 2019 and was 6.4% in 2020—all much lower than the national average
  • Tampa is among the leading U.S. cities in terms of sales and price growth and therefore offers a viable real estate market for new and veteran investors alike

Whether you’re looking for turnkey investment properties or bank-owned homes in Tampa, FL, Rehab and Flip can help. Rehab and Flip finds and buys deeply discounted properties and makes them available to investors before they ever hit the market. Rehab and Flip actively seeks property owners of distressed homes, foreclosures, and other opportunities to acquire properties before they’re listed on the MLS.

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