Rehab and Flip Offers Qualified Properties to Tampa Real Estate Investors

Rehab and Flip

Rehab and Flip, a Tampa real estate investment company, meets the needs of real estate investors by providing them with qualified properties that are ready to be rehabbed and flipped. By sourcing investors with suitable properties, Rehab and Flip enable investors to focus on preparing the property to be sold at the target profit.

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The mission at Rehab and Flip is simple and focused. They seek out properties for investors from around the globe who are actively taking advantage of the opportunities for real estate investment in Florida and the greater Tampa Bay area. The real value of Rehab and Flip is that the team of professionals empowers real estate investors by making the property identification and acquisition process streamlined and efficient. Rehab and Flip’s mission is to make the investor’s life easy and simple by finding desirable investment opportunities in Florida. Rehab and Flip locate and purchase properties that are deeply discounted. Then, they offer the qualified Florida investment properties to their select network of investors for rehab and flip opportunities.

A real estate investor searching for a qualified home or an investor representing a client hunting for rental properties can turn to Rehab and Flip for properties that offer a strong return on investment. If the client wants distressed properties to rehab and sell, the investor can rely on the team at Rehab and Flip to achieve the goal of quickly locating a property since they specialize in homes that the average investor might miss or ignore.

The Rehab and Flip property portfolio include investment homes for sale, foreclosure properties, distressed properties, bank owned foreclosures, REO properties, and discounted multi-family dwellings. They can find excellent properties through their marketing operations and networking in order to make the best purchases for clients and investors. Rehab and Flip dynamically market to niche property owners who need to sell fast and at a discounted price. The homeowners may be on the brink of foreclosure or struggling with distressed properties. Rehab and Flip acquire these deeply discounted properties, but the process does not end there. Rehab and Flip will execute a custom search designed for investors’ needs.

New investors reduce their liabilities and increase the rate of success by partnering with Rehab and Flip. The 70% rule is a flexible and useful guide for investors, whether they are novices or seasoned experts. Finding and purchasing a qualified property that meets the 70% rule can be challenging, if not impossible. Success is usually the result of much hard work, lots of time, and a substantial measure of luck. Many new investors fail because margins are too tight. Rehab and Flip can bring real value to new investors and empower them to be successful by providing deeply discounted properties ready for rehab and resale.

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Rehab and Flip is a preferred partner for investors from all over the world who are looking for Florida investment opportunities. In the real estate industry for over ten years, the team excels at providing investment-grade residential real estate opportunities to investors, whether seasoned or new. Rehab and Flip offer a wide range of benefits for its investor clients. Being able to close properties in less than seven days facilitates a larger return on investment. The simple and easy process includes the team taking care of the title and escrow work. In addition, Rehab and Flip can function as the fulfillment partner by coordinating repairs and improvements for investors.

For more information about rehab and flip real estate investment opportunities in Florida, connect with the Rehab and Flip staff by email at [email protected]. The Tampa Bay area team can be reached by phone at (813) 476-3199, and the Panhandle area team can be reached by phone at (850) 807-4422.