How to Buy Wholesale Real Estate

In the Real Estate business, there are two terms which are related: “Wholesaling” and “flipping”. When you buy a property wholesale, you’re actually buying a house that was purchased at a discount in the first place, then rehabbed privately and sold for a modest profit.

The value of rehabbing and flipping one house is negligible. However, rehabbing and wholesaling houses in numbers becomes more profitable with each one. So the profit is in VOLUME. As an investor, you’ll find thatsome wholesalers can sell at lower prices than others.

We buy houses at auctions held by banks and municipalities. Most of these houses have been either neglected or vandalized and WILL need to be rehabbed. We have A/C & plumbing technicians, as well as landscape maintenance & construction contractors that we keep employed year round.

Before We Buy

Before we actually buy ANYTHING, we do a thorough inspection of the available property using an inspection checklist that allows us to keep a consistent pricing structure. We take everything into account, including the age of the house, the condition of every component and appliance, and the neighborhood the house is in. We then take the results of the inspection and make our bid.

Once the house is purchased, we review our checklist and decide the best approach to quickly get the house into the market. Sometimes rehab is the only option, but if a house is in good condition, we may just

At BTGH, we deal with small and very large real estate investors on a daily basis. We’ve developed a great “clearing-house” type formula that makes it more profitable for investors to purchase properties from us, rather than purchasing and rehabbing themselves. If you’re interested in becoming part of our investor network and purchasing property for rentals or rehabbing, start with our featured properties list, and then give us a call.

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