Chris Smith – Real Estate Investor

I’m Chris, and I’ve been investing in Real Estate for years. Our company, Bay To Gulf Holdings owns houses, condos, villas and multiplexes and manages rental properties for others, but much of our success has come from buying, rehabbing and then quickly selling houses. Many in the industry call this “wholesaling” or “flipping”. Wholesaling and flipping are pretty standard practice in our niche of the market, but it’s not a very main-stream practice.

We buy houses from banks & municipalities at auctions, and also from private owners. We look for homes with POTENTIAL and have established a system of inspection that gives us pretty accurate estimate of the rehab variable. The cost of rehabbing a house pretty well determines our profit. What makes our system so great is that we can estimate costs of rehab so accurately that, after inspecting the property, we can quickly determine our selling price.

You see, a house is most often valued based on the properties around it. If there are four 3 bedroom, 2 bath houses on the same block valued at 200k, then that’s the best that we can hope for for any other 3/2 bought in the immediate area. Our method of estimating rehab costs added to the purchase price tells us the selling price. From that pint we can determine how long it will take to sell the house. Our goal is to sell it in 30 days or less. That means that we need to come in much lower than the appraised values of the homes around it. The WHOLESALE price.

For the new real estate investor, the method of inspection and the cost of rehab are almost completely unknown. Because of this, their first 2,3, or 5 houses are going to be very… educational. As we all know, education can be very expensive. … and that’s our niche.

We buy houses, rehab them quickly and efficiently, and wholesale them to smaller investors.

Other real estate investors save lots of time and energy, and even a little money by working with us. We deal in volume, so

While real estate is a great long term investment (rentals), we’re impatient and are always looking for deals which will allow a quick sale. You won’t find many of our properties on or Trulia, (unless we’ve just underestimated the costs to fix a house and have to adjust the price to a retail level).

Most of the investors we work with are landlords looking for additional long term rental investments. They could look for houses themselves and then purchase and rehab them, but the time and enrgy spent yields NO benefit, and usually costs them more than if they just purchased a house or 2 from us.

We’re looking for more investors to work with, because that enables us to keep our prices low. As a member of our mailing list and a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll be privy to all of our wholesale offerings and will get to learn what we already know.

Will we share all of our secrets with you? No, but you won’t need them. We’ve created a business that benefits you, both in the long term and short term to buy houses from us. We’ve done the hard work of prepping them for the wholesale market. You’ll save time, money and headachespurchasing your investment real estate from us.

See for yourself – Available Properties.

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