Best Time to Buy Real Estate?

Real Estate is a great investment for either long-term or short, because the population is GROWING, and all of the new people coming into this world are going to need a place to put their stuff. To make this news even juicier, more people are likely to move to Florida than 45 other states.

So when is the best time to buy real estate?


In a down-trending market, real estate is a great place to park your money, because every purchase on the way down is a bargain. In an up-trending market, real estate can get you a quick return.

The Right Timing

A great way to look at timing in the real estate market is to assume long-term, but prepare for short-term. In other words, buy real estate with the intention of holding on to it for a while, but if a bubble starts to grow, be prepared to sell. Never look at previous market bottoms or tops. The real estate market is alive and fickle. It’s as unpredictable and moody as a pregnant woman, with all of the promise and potential that comes with a new baby.

Prepare for the worst and plan for the best, but relax with the knowledge that there is ALWAYS a return on your investment, if you’re patient.

At BTGH, we purchase houses with the goal of quick turnaround. We buy distressed properties from banks, municipalities, and private sellers and sell them at wholesale prices. That means that ANYONE can get into real estate right now.

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