Tampa Real Estate Firm Connects Clients with Distressed Properties for Great ROI

Rehab and Flip

Rehab and Flip, a Tampa real estate investment firm, helps clients invest in wholesale real estate and distressed properties. With the ability to close on properties in less than a week, the firm’s quick turnaround facilitates a better return on investment.

Number One For Florida Wholesale Properties

Wholesale real estate involves acquiring inexpensive properties that are attractive to investors. The purchase price is sufficient for the wholesaler to purchase the property, rehab the home as needed and resell the property for a healthy return on investment.

Wholesale Properties Source

Real estate wholesalers can sell at lower prices by acquiring properties through a distressed sale. “Distressed sales occur when the seller needs to sell an asset urgently often to pay debts, medical expenses, or other emergencies. A short sale is a form of distressed sale in which the homeowner attempts to sell their property even though the current market value is below the amount owed to their lender. Here, the homeowner is attempting to sell their property even though its current market value is below the amount owed to their lender. This can occur if the homeowner is forced to move from the home and cannot wait for the property’s market value to recover.”

Expertise That Drives ROI For Investors

The Rehab and Flip team identifies potential in distressed properties that average investors might overlook. From auctions to bank sales to private sellers, the firm buys houses, condos, and multiplexes that most ignore. The company’s real estate agents specialize in acquiring Florida properties at significant discounts so that they can pass these wholesale opportunities on to their worldwide investor network. Rehab and Flip is actively marketing to homeowners in foreclosure or other distressed situations so that it can offer a wide pool of properties to investors.

The firm seeks to link real estate investors with properties that present the prospect of a significant return on investment. The Rehab and Flip team deploys marketing, operations, and networking to land the most lucrative deals for clients and investors. Based on criteria provided by the interested party, Rehab and Flip carries out a custom search tailored to client specifications. If needed, the agency can also offer proven suggestions for investments. Rehab and Flip’s portfolio of properties includes foreclosure properties for sale, bank owned foreclosures, discount homes, investment homes for sale, REO properties, distressed properties, and discount multi-family properties.

Rehab and Flip acquires deeply discounted properties in the Florida real estate market and connects a network of investors with these rehab and flip opportunities. With offices in the Tampa Bay area and the Panhandle area, the investment firm helps individuals build a real estate investment portfolio with potential.

For more information about wholesale real estate and distressed properties, visit the website at https://rehabandflip.com. They can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (813) 476-3199.

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