Rehab and Flip Connects Veterans with Rehab and Flip Properties in Tampa

Rehab and Flip

Rehab and Flip Offers Great Investment Opportunities for Veterans

Rehab and Flip takes the hassle out of finding real estate investment properties. They make the process of finding and acquiring properties suitable for rehab and flip in Tampa simple and efficient for veterans. The real estate consultancy finds and acquires deeply discounted real estate and makes those Florida investment properties available to their network of investors for rehab and flip and other investment opportunities. For real estate investors searching for distressed properties to rehab and sell, the team at Rehab and Flip specializes in homes that the average investor might ignore or dismiss.

The average person may find rehabbing and flipping a house to be a very stressful experience. But, for men and women in uniform, it is a perfect fit for the skills and temperament they have developed. The hard work, dedication, organizational skills, and leadership experience acquired while serving as a member of the Armed Forces readily apply to this sector of the real estate industry. The degree of difficulty for a particular property is no deterrent. Veterans embrace a challenge without fear. Because of their skill set and experience, many veterans are well equipped to transform the most distressed properties in Tampa neighborhoods into valuable real estate. Consider these five reasons why veterans are prepared to succeed in the real estate investment industry.

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1. Flipping a House Is Intense

Deployment in the military is about as intense as life gets. Strict goals and guidelines attached to a meaningful mission drive the soldier forward around the clock. After enduring that kind of experience, a nine-to-five desk job may well prove to be underwhelming and unfulfilling. Many veterans acknowledge that the transition from military service to civilian employment is difficult because the coworkers find them overly intense and super focused.

This intensity, focus, and attention to detail might be a liability in a typical work environment. However, these traits are a huge asset when it comes to flipping a house. Consistently focusing on budget and timelines without letting distractions get in the way is a sure path to house flipping success. Veterans know how to prioritize time and focus energy to accomplish any mission, particularly the mission of rehabbing and flipping a property.

2. Flipping a House Requires a Calm Attitude Under Pressure

A flooded basement or overflowing toilet unnerve most people. In contrast, veterans bring a level-headed and action-oriented attitude to unexpected challenges. By approaching setbacks as problems to be solved in order to fulfill the mission, veterans prevent emotional attachments and reactions from causing unnecessary delays or compromises.

Unexpected setbacks happen from time to time when doing a house flip, and they can cost the investor money, stress, and time. Being able to eliminate the stress reaction, veterans who flip houses lessen the amount of time and money they lose when the plan suffers a setback or is derailed.

3. Veterans Are Great Team Builders

Some house flippers hire contractors with whom they barely interact. The more successful flippers build strong relationships with the contractors they bring on board. These relationships create a team atmosphere among everyone who participated in the home. Veterans are skilled at building relationships and working together.

This team-building skill drives projects forward more smoothly. It also positions veterans to have continuous successes. Close-knit teams can be moved intact on to the next project. Contractors that have buy-in will prioritize the job over other opportunities. Veterans are able to build teams who feel respected and valued. This comradery spells success.

4. Veterans Hire Veterans

Veterans who own small businesses are much more likely to mentor, train, and hire other veterans. Having a mentor who understands the challenges of transitioning to civilian life can be crucial to post-military success. Veterans give back to their brothers and sisters in uniform by hiring them as contractors. The cycle of giving back has a definite financial and relational payback.

5. Veterans Often Qualify for Discounts or Fee Waivers

As an expression of gratitude for a veteran’s service, many businesses offer reduced rates, bonuses, or waived fees to veterans. From discounts at home supplies stores to special contractor rates to waived loan application fees, these breaks in costs can significantly increase the profitability of a real estate investing project.

How Rehab and Flip can connect Veterans with Distressed Properties in Tampa

The mission at Rehab and Flip is to serve investors from all walks of life, including veterans, as well as investors from all over the world looking to take advantage of the real estate investment opportunities that Florida and the greater Tampa Bay area offer.

The company’s new website features an informative blog along with active investment opportunities. Site visitors can locate important company information quickly and can also sign up for instant deal alerts for investment properties as new opportunities become available.

Chris Smith, the co-founder of Rehab and Flip, highlights the company’s unique value to real estate investors, such as veterans, saying, “We make the process easy and simple for rehab and flip investment opportunities in Florida. We find and acquire deeply discounted real estate and make those Florida investment properties available to our network of investors for rehab and flip opportunities. If you are a real estate investor or have a client looking for rental properties that offer a great return on investment or distressed properties to rehab and sell, the team at Rehab and Flip can get that done for you as they specialize in homes that the average investor might ignore.”

The Rehab and Flip portfolio of properties includes foreclosure properties for sale, investment homes for sale, bank owned foreclosures, REO properties, distressed property, and discounted multi-family properties. They strike the best deals for their clients and investors by utilizing their marketing, operations, and networking. They are actively marketing to property owners in foreclosure, those with distressed properties, people who just inherited a property, and other situations that require the property owner to sell fast and at a deep discount. Based on the investor’s criteria, Rehab and Flip will carry out a custom search designed for their investors.

Rehab and Flip is a preferred partner for investors from all over the world who are looking for investment opportunities in the Florida real estate market, including serving real estate investors from Canada, California, Arizona, New York, Texas, Illinois, Germany, the United Kingdom, and more. The Rehab and Flip team has been in the real estate industry for over ten years. They pride themselves on providing investment-grade residential real estate opportunities to investors. Rehab and Flip offers a wide variety of benefits for its investor clients. Rehab and Flip can close properties in less than a week, and the swift turnaround translates into a greater return on investment. Also, the company’s staff takes care of the title and escrow work. They can also help coordinate repairs and improvements for the investor as well.

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Whether the client has real estate ambitions or wants to add properties to an ever-expanding portfolio, the Rehab and Flip team possesses the expertise and properties for those desire to invest in Florida real estate.

About Rehab and Flip

For more information about rehab and flip real estate investment opportunities in Florida, contact Rehab and Flip via email at [email protected]. The Tampa Bay area team can be reached by phone at (813) 476-3199, and the Panhandle area team can be reached by phone at (850) 807-4422.