Five Areas Tampa Investment Property Buyers Must Check Out

Rehab and Flip

Many people wonder about Florida’s real estate investment as a potential sideline. Investors are currently swarming Tampa real estate investment opportunities because of the area’s potential, including:

  • An ever-expanding population
  • Steady increases in foreign investment
  • Plentiful job opportunities
  • Appreciating home values

Five Key Areas to Look for Tampa Investment Property

Investors needing help with Florida real estate investment opportunities turn to companies like Rehab and Flip. Their industry experts currently recommend buying Tampa investment property in these five areas:

  1. University Square

The area called University Square is frequently listed among the hot real estate markets in Florida. The menu also includes accessible turnkey investment properties. Florida investors can find attractive options in University Square with the help of Rehab and Flip.

Its diverse population and low living costs are the main attractions. However, the affordability also makes it ideal for professionals and young families. University Square’s top-quality public schools are another reason the neighborhood is among the best investment properties in Tampa, Florida, for families.  

The nightlife and sightseeing opportunities appeal to prospective homeowners who want easy access to fun and engaging activities. Many people find University Square to be trendy and appealing. Those who enjoy a social community and lots of entertainment are the primary market for savvy property investors.

  1. Tampa Heights

Premium Tampa, Florida real estate is currently enjoying its own version of the Renaissance in Tampa Heights. The neighborhood’s transformation is pulling myriad investors, leading to an 11.8% year-on-year growth in median home list prices.

Despite the real estate price surge, listing prices in the area are still reasonable. These are especially attractive considering the neighborhood’s proximity to the downtown hub.

  1. Highland Pines 

For a long time, Highland Pines endured high unemployment rates and criminal activities, making it unattractive as a Tampa investment property location. The community has since started rebuilding, and investors are taking an interest. The switch has led to a 60% yearly rise in property prices.

Florida investment properties are affordable. The prices are also competitive enough for investors needing a juicy return on investment or options for bank-owned homes. Tampa, FL, flips are easy with companies such as Rehab and Flip, and their experts can provide detailed information about Highland Pines’ best listings.

  1. Historic Ybor

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to find cheap houses for sale in Tampa, Florida? One of the most underrated areas to look for these opportunities is in Historic Ybor. The area offers a variety of cheap investment properties for sale.

According to Niche, Historic Ybor’s current median property price has risen hugely over the last few years. The high demand for rental properties in Historic Ybor makes it an attractive location for rental property investments. Most renters gravitate towards the neighborhood for its urban setting, plentiful bars and restaurants, and work opportunities. 

Historic Ybor investors can also use the expertise of Rehab and Flip professionals to improve the value of their investments and garner higher rental income.

  1. South Seminole Heights

When looking for the best places to buy vacation rental property in Florida, most investors mention Downtown or North Hyde Park; however, these are pricey Tampa real estate market options that present various challenges. Investors that want equally attractive but lower-priced opportunities head for South Seminole Heights.

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