Invest in Tampa… for the Beer

Written by Mike Slatton, Chief Beer Taster for BTGH

Tampa, #1 for Craft Beer

In case you needed ANOTHER reason to invest in Tampa real estate, here it is: BEER.

Yes, beer is the reason to buy investment property in Tampa.

Why, you ask?

You may not know it, but beer tastes good. Now, not everyone likes beer, but not everyone likes the taste of pepperoni either.

Ok, maybe everyone DOES like the taste of pepperoni, so maybe that’s not a great analogy, but many people like beer, and why beer is relevant to Tampa area real estate is because Tampa has just been named America’s Top (#1) Emerging Beer Town.

Yes – Tampa, Beer, Real Estate. It all goes hand in hand, and now people will be flocking to Tampa Bay even faster than they already are.

How Beer Relates to Real Estate…

Q: Who builds houses?
A: Beer drinkers.

Q: Who fixes houses?
A:Beer drinkers.

Q: Who buys houses and then fixes them up when they go into foreclosure or go to auction?
A:Beer drinkers.

See a theme?

How about this? Who FORECLOSES on houses?
A: Wine drinkers. *Ick! Wine.*

Who RENTS houses?
A:Beer drinkers.

Who own mansions?
A:Wine drinkers.

What does BTGH buy?
A:Houses that beer drinkers might buy and rehab… or possibly just rent.

Tampa is the #1 real estate investment market in the Southeastern U.S., and the #1 emerging beer town in the U.S.

Bay To Gulf Holdings is the #1 wholesale real estate investment company in Tampa, and where do you think we built our office? You guessed it (well, maybe you didn’t but…) – walking distance to the #1 craft beer maker in the Tampa Bay areaCigar City Brewing.

In fact, we love CBB so much that we keep our fridge stocked with their beer just in case we have to work through the weekend… which is rather often, lately.

So, if you love beer and you love investing in Tampa Bay real estate, call BTGH at 813 476 3199.

If you love pepperoni… cool. Everyone loves pepperoni.

*Man, am I thirsty. Let’s see what we have in the fridge.*

Mike Slatton is the Marketing Director at Bay To Gulf Holdings and a firm believer in the power of beer to unite people and sell real estate.

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